Instruction: To place a partially assembled kitset shelf with vase and flowers on foundations for a new home.

Time: 11:40 am
Duration: 38 mins
Conditions: Kitset bookcase. vase. flowers picked from neighbour’s garden. building site, s 3 Trespass Act 1980*

Description: An action in response to the ’housing development’ and the strict conditions regulating private ownership and use of land as governed by the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2010.

192 Oakland Road Karaka 2580
Dear Layne
Re: Property Inspection – 192 Oakland Road Karaka 2580
We have been to do an inspection of your property and we wish to thank you for maintaining it in a clean and tidy condition.
However, we would like you to clean the oven.
Yours sincerely,

*s 3 of the Trespass Act 1980 states that every person commits an offence who trespasses on any place and, after being warned to leave that place by an occupier of that place, neglects or refuses to do so.